Mecfor – A Arte de Forjar o Aço



This company was founded in the 60s by Gaspar Lopes da Costa Leite, a cunning craftsman with an entrepreneurial vision, distinguished himself early on in the production of parts in lathe.

With the growth of agriculture in Portugal, this company is dedicated to the manufacture of agricultural machinery for stuff in general, where along with his two sons have evolved a future perspective and growth.

In the 70s, with the increasing in production and development, the company was restructured, popping up a new company called MECFOR. This since 1974 due to the quality of its products, the manufacturing itself, to the rigor and constant innovation has established itself in the national and international market.

Currently, The MECFOR the third generation of this great company that is still present in the specialized manufacture of agricultural equipment, as well as all wear components.

In the year 2017 Mecfor was distinguished as one of the companies that exports the most nationally, winning the prize TOP EXPORT 2017.